JLC Bihar Bhawan

The office of Joint Labour Commissioner Bihar Bhawan, New Delhi is an office of Department of Labour Resources, Government of Bihar which has the responsibility to coordinate with Delhi and other adjoining States in the matter of migrant labourers. It thus looks after the welfare of migrant labourers and enforcement of labour laws applicable to them. The Joint Labour Commissioner reports to the Resident Commission Bihar Bhawan.

JLC office Bihar Bhawan : Task and Function

The migrant labors in Delhi and adjoining areas are often employed in an exploitive system where their condition of employment and service is not regulated. The office of Joint Labour Commissioner, Bihar Bhawan works to safeguard the interest of such laborers and helps them getting equal or better wages for the similar nature works, having fixed working hours, leave from work, suitable residential accommodation and medical facilities from its employers by lodging compliant with proper authorities.

Migrants from Bihar are outside the boundaries of their social support which keeps them away from many benefit schemes of government. Such vulnerable group very easily falls into the web of bondage. The office of JLC with the help of local administration intervenes to help release these migrants from the clutches of bondage and ensures their rehabilitation. In this context focus is especially on child labourers and child bonded labour where such isses are followed with local administration that the employer is fined, child is produced before CWC for proper compensation and release certificate is procured from the SDM office. The arrangement is then made for sending these children back to their home in Bihar where they are rehabilitated under suitable govt. schemes.

There are also migrants from Bihar who work overseas in various Gulf countries and African countries. Such overseas workers from Bihar some time face various kinds of problems in the alien country. The office of JLC, Bihar Bhawan follows such issues from EOI/ MEA. Also in the cases of death of labour overseas the office coordinates the repatriation of the mortal remains of the deceased and payment of compensation to the bereaved family.

The office of JLC also liaisons with Labour Ministry of Government of India for various works of Department of Labour resources, Government of Bihar. It follows up sanction & release of funds under major social national security programmes/ schemes and expedites works related to the Labour resource department. It represents Department of Labour resources, Government of Bihar in important meetings and provides feedback. It also maintains close link with Labour Commissioners/Joint Labour Commissioners/ Deputy Labour Commissioners of other States/Union Territories for information/works on various issues related to labour.

Contact Details:
Shri Kumar Digvijay, Joint Labour Commissioner
Contact No. 011-23792319
Bihar Bhawan WhatsApp Chat Helpline No: +91 7217788114

Saurav Suman, Labour Enforcement Officer
Email: leobiharbhawan@gmail.con